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Keep your personal stuff GERM FREE for Months
with a single application of CLEANERSTUFF.
Each package will protect 25 or more personal items
Technology is now available offering Long-Term Antimicrobial protection from dangerous and deadly microbes with a single application. A treated surface will kill 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses, mold and algae that it come in contact with. This Long-Term Antimicrobial protection will continue to kill these nasty germs for several months and in some cases years.
Today, most antimicrobial cleaning products on the store shelves are only Quick Kill solutions for most of the dangerous microbes. They are limited to a single use offering no long term protection.
The Long-Term Antimicrobial agent in CLEANERSTUFF bonds perminantly to all of
the surfaces it is applied to.
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a website with information and several videos on this revolutionary technology.

Long Term Antimicrobial Website
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High exposure personal stuff
needs full-time germ protection
An extra layer of protection for:
Active People, New Parents and those with Weak Immune Systems
 "If the high-touch devices in your home are actively killing dangerous viruses and
  microbes 24-hours a day your family’s exposure to health risks are significantly reduced."
Heather S. Wilson, Microbiology Consultant
Common and Exotic viruses and microbes that cannot survive on a treated surface:
● Common cold   ● Influenza   ● Bronchitis   ● Croup   ● E.coli    
● Mononucleosis   ● Pneumonia    ● Staphylococcus   ● Ringworm
Streptomyces (strep throat)    ● Meningitis    ● Rotavirus
● Bird Flu (also called: Avian flu, Avian influenza, H5N1, H7N9)  
● MRSA   ● SARS   ● Norovirus   ● HIV   (plus thousands more)
No Biohazard
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2 oz. Premium Long-Term Antimicrobial solution. Enough to protect over 25 assorted personal items.
In a zip bag (after contents are used up this makes an ideal microbe free storage bag for jewlery or watches).
A microfiber application cloth
(only available with mail orders)

(after applying CleanerStuff to your personal items with   this cloth and then drying it, you will have an ideal
  germ-free polishing cloth)
Complete instructions
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Apply CleanerStuff to all of your personal stuff.
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